2017 Editorial Calendar

Issue Reservation Due Ad Materials Due Editorial Focus
January 11/18/16 11/28/16 Multivitamin checklist for adults, Health trackers, Whole-food beauty products
February 12/19/16 12/27/16 2017 Beauty & Body Awards, Calcium/Magnesium supplements, Palm done right – sustainability and nutrition profile
March 1/19/17 1/27/17 2017 Supplement Awards, Supplements – testing, labels and the case for supplementation, Natural hair care
April 2/13/17 2/21/17 Plant-based products, Turmeric Supplements, Environmentally friendly beauty
May 3/17/17 3/27/17 Motherhood – Maternity supplements, How to evaluate a nutrition study, Melanoma/skin cancer detection
June 4/17/17 4/25/17 Entertaining – Alcohol & health, Entertaining product picks and recipes, Sea supplements – omegas, krill, spirulina, Natural shaving and sugaring
July 5/18/17 5/26/17 2017 Best Bite Awards, Whole food supplements, Collagen
August 6/16/17 6/26/17 Sleep Supplements, Foods for better sleep, Goal-Getter Recipes for Back-to-School
September 7/20/17 7/28/17 Plant-Based innovation – companies and influencers, Algae, Protein Powders
October 8/18/17 8/28/17 Celiac awareness & gluten-free, Herbal supplements, Natural feminine products
November 9/18/17 9/26/17 Community & stewardship, Healthy food access and budget meal planning, Supplements for gaining lean muscle mass
December 10/19/17 10/27/17 Climate friendly holidays (how-to), Healthy holiday menu, Tea

On DeliciousLiving.com, we will also be creating more robust category pages for the following topics:

  • Gluten Free
  • Microbiome & Gut Health
  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Stress

2017 New Hope Primary Content Themes

To better serve our audiences and our advertisers, the editors of Delicious Living, Natural Foods Merchandiser and newhope360 will weave the following content themes into our online and print properties on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in 2016. This new approach to educating our audiences will help you more effectively position your products with corresponding content and make your value proposition more relevant to your target market.

Product Innovation & Trends

This is our super theme that cuts across everything we do and enables us to leverage our proprietary view into and access to the newest natural, organic and healthy products.

2016 Content Themes
The Internet of Food & Wellness

Technology is changing food and wellness—and the pace of that change is accelerating and creating new opportunities and game-changing new tech products that make wellness and healthy food more accessible. Content development within this theme will support collaboration with Penton’s new IoT group.

2016 Content Themes
Climate-Friendly Foods

Building off of our STEWARDSHIP theme in 2016, our climate friendly foods theme will explore the many ways food can either continue to negatively contribute to global warming or create new solutions to begin reversing climate change. This content theme ties to Expo East 2016 and Esca Bona 2016 programming and will set the stage for our Climate Day at Expo West 2017.

2016 Content Themes
The Tipping Point

We’ve reached a tipping point in the evolution of our food industry. A consumer awakening is driving growth of natural and organic in mainstream retail and fueling growing interest in healthier, cleaner products by the large food companies. We will explore why this is a positive development for consumers and the food industry, and how we can best preserve the authenticity and integrity of the natural and organic movement.

Content Themes 2016
Striving to Thrive

Building off of our VITALITY theme in 2016, we will focus on long-term solutions to personal and organizational health and vitality in the modern world. Content development within this theme will support the 2017 launch of our Health & Wellness Influencer event at Expo East and the 2017 Inside the Bottle program.

The Case for Nutrition

Building off of our Evolution of Nutrition theme in 2016, we will shed light on the growing body of nutrition research supporting supplementation and explore and educate why the average person needs supplementation. Content development within this theme will support the 2017 launch of our Health & Wellness Influencer event at Expo East and the 2017 Inside the Bottle program.

Content Themes 2016
Content Themes 2016
The Health & Wellness Influencers

A new wave of influencers—bloggers, nutritionists, chefs, coaches, trainers and even retailers—are having a profound effect on consumer buying habits and making it easier for brands to connect directly with consumers. We will explore this consumer activation phenomenon and profile some of today’s most important up-and-coming health and wellness influencers. Content development within this theme will support the 2017 launch of our Health & Wellness Influencer event at Expo East and the 2017 Inside the Bottle program.

Content Themes 2016
Consumer Activation

Consumer choice and engagement are crucial growing our natural, organic and healthier brands and creating lasting positive change within the food system. We will explore what fuels consumer change and engagement.

Confidence in Supplements

Building off of the CHANGING SUPPLEMENT MARKET AND TRUST themes in 2016, we will explore what fuels consumer confidence in supplements, as well as how the industry can be more confident in choosing the right partnerships, how it presents itself, etc.Content development within this theme will support the Engredea Sunlight Initiative and the 2017 Inside the Bottle program.

Growing Healthy Businesses

Supporting the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers at the heart of health and wellness and the good food movement is at the foundation of what we do at the New Hope Network, and we will continue to produce regular content that helps answer common business questions and provide inspiration and insight for both emerging and established companies. Changing consumer trends are motivating large retailers, e-tailers and others to push aggressively into health and wellness and natural and organic. Meanwhile, more brands are driving sales by going direct to consumers via the web. How do natural channel retailers compete, and what are the opportunities and challenges for all companies wanting in on the natural, organic and healthy products game?

Content Themes 2016
Conscious Businesses

Mindfulness is changing the face of business, and today’s best companies use conscious leadership to create authentic brands and demonstrate their commitment to their employees, customers, community members and other stakeholders. Content development of theme will support Expo East 2016 and Expo West 2017 conference programming.

Content Themes 2016