Feeding the Good Food Future brings together various companies in the food industry, from supply to finished product, to tackle the food industry’s biggest challenges and develop solutions for the broken food system. We will continue to explore 2016 themes, as well as introduce new concepts, influencers and forecasts for the future of good food.


Content Themes:

  • Conscious business in good food
  • Partnerships in good food
  • Climate-­friendly foods and the future of farming
  • Access: What’s next in supply, manufacturing and distribution
  • Innovations in good food
  • Sustainable farming, sourcing and manufacturing
  • Grassroots food movements
  • Healthy food tipping point

Program Inclusions:

    • Program Kickoff: Good food influencer conference call to brainstorm opportunities, challenges and content direction.  
    • Esca Bona panel sponsorship: Partner companies will sponsor an Esca Bona education session highlighting findings from proprietary New Hope Network research on the good food movement (with an opportunity for sponsors to participate in the panel, if relevant). Targeted email and social media campaigns will promote the session to Esca Bona attendees and highlight sponsors’ leadership role in the good food movement.  Session will be featured as a FGFF podcast episode.
    • Guide: Second-­edition 24­‐page digital and printed guide
    • 3 sponsored articles on deliciousliving.com and newhope.com
    • Podcast series interviewing thought leaders and influencers in good food
    • Retailer webinar
    • Monthly social shareable: One awesome, inspiring thing happening in good food.

*Subject to change